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The Traveler’s Log Book is a heavy duty spiral bound book with a leatherette cover, tough enough to withstand heavy use. This book has the potential of saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in taxes every year! The Traveler’s Log Book will help you organize the daily written records you need for all your tax deductions. Keeping accurate written records on a daily basis will allow you to claim the largest possible deduction at the end of the year and satisfy the federal requirement for keeping adequate records of you employee business expenses. Good record keeping is not only a good business practice, but a must if travel is required for your occupation and employment. Keeping a daily log book not only allows you to track your out of town expenses, such as your job related miles, it also allows you to keep track of deductions that are generally overlooked. Several overlooked deductions may include phone calls from any pay phone, home to the family, phone calls for your job search or those ten dollar pair of work gloves you bought. Little things such as these can add up to make a big deduction over the period of a year. Features: *Frequently asked tax questions and our experts suggestions * Illustrated examples * End of the week, month and year totals * Designed to flow right over to The Traveler’s Tax service Tax Questionnaire. Price includes shipping.
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